Benefit From Minute Media’s Impressive Video Content Library

With so many options available to the end user today, the need for relevant and engaging video content is more important than ever. If publishers want to be successful in leveraging and monetizing video as a part of their offering, they will need the right content to help them achieve these goals. Minute Media embraced this challenge and created an unparalleled global video library, which is now available to any of our publishing partners.

More than 400,000 Videos Available

Minute Media’s video library contains well over 400,000 videos, available for distribution and syndication. This content is constantly updated, with 500 videos being added daily, on average, during the month of March 2020. This content is divided into three main brackets: The first one includes premium content from a multitude of partners. These videos make up the bulk of Minute Media’s library and ensure users a quality offering at scale.

The second bracket of videos is made from an automated recirculation video. This tool reformats existing editorial stories into engaging video experiences by converting an RSS feed to a templated video.

Minute Media's tool gives publishers the ability to increase engagement
Minute Media's tool gives publishers the ability to increase engagement /

The third bracket consists of Minute Media’s original videos, which our editorial teams produce in-house, covering everything from news, sports, lifestyle, and entertainment. Most of this content is evergreen, allowing for a consistent content strategy.

Coronavirus Content

Close to half of all of our publishing partners (42%) have made COVID-19 their main topic in Q2 2020. These partners include national and local news outlets, entertainment, sports, technology, and lifestyle brands who have decided to adjust their reporting to feature timely COVID-19 updates. As a result, our library currently contains more than 4,000 videos about the virus, growing daily.

More than 10.000 COVID-19 related videos

Tailored to Serve a Wide Range of Clients

Whether our publishing partners utilize our provided video content or their own, our online video platform helps them curate, manage and monetize this content. And with our advanced technology stack and extensive content offering, our platform is set up to support all publishers, regardless of their content strategy. In fact, around 30% of our partners cover local and national news, while other publishing partners are focused on sports, entertainment, lifestyle, e-sports and more..

‘Our platform is set up to support all publishers, regardless of their content strategy.’

To satisfy the demand for quality and relevant content for such a wide range of topics, Minute Media pairs premium content with its smart contextual matching technology, which dynamically matches and places the right content in articles based on our advanced algorithms.

If you’re interested in knowing more about our content offering or have any questions, feel free to reach out to