Increasing User Engagement With Minute Media's Video Content Recirculation Tool

To provide users with the best possible video experience, publishers need access to relevant and engaging content. Our fully automated video recirculation tool allows publishing partners to boost their content offering, increase time spent on page and drive more revenue by converting existing stories into engaging videos. Find out how this tool works and how it can benefit your publishing business by reading below.

Extending the Content Offering

Minute Media’s voltax video library contains well over 400,000 videos covering a wide range of topics, including news, entertainment, politics, sports, lifestyle and more. In addition to this library, Minute Media’s recirculation tool allows publishers to leverage their own written content to improve their video offerings.

Minute Media’s recirculation tool allows publishers to leverage their own content to improve their video offerings.

These videos are tailored to the publisher’s specific editorial offering and complement the article to add value to consumers.

Automated Solutions

Our tool automatically reformats existing editorial stories into engaging video experiences by converting an RSS feed into a templated video file. Our contextual algorithm will then match this video to relevant articles on your partner site, adding value to each page the video sits on. After a quick initial setup, this process is fully automated, providing publishers with an easy to use video solution.

Increasing User Engagement

This recirculation tool is a great way for publishers to generate awareness of trending stories and drive traffic to those specific pages. Since the user already expressed an interest in that particular topic, the recirculated video is highly relevant and results in an increase in user engagement and time spent on page. Ultimately, longer user sessions can translate to additional supply and monetization opportunities.

The Benefits

Our publishing partners have seen significant benefits using this recirculation tool. For instance, one of our partners, since implementing this new feature, has seen :

  • Increase of 25m video streams, representing a significant % change
  • 2.5% CTR within our player on users clicking to new stories
  • A 38% increase in time spent on page within pages featuring the recirculation tool vs those without
  • 35% uplift in revenue compared to their previous video solution

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