Voltax Video: The Unique Benefits of Minute Media’s Online Video Platform

It is an industry fact that having a robust video strategy is one of the most important aspects of a successful digital media business. According to Forbes, “By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017.” But for those within the digital media industry, the benefit of video often comes at much too high a price…until now.

Minute Media has recently launched their own proprietary Online Video Platform (OVP), Voltax Video, which offers the latest in cutting edge video technology without high operational, licensing or serving fees. Within this article, we will dive into the unique benefits of Voltax Video, how it’s disrupting the digital media world and how you can gain Publisher Peace of Mind by eliminating high fees and utilizing this service made specifically for publishers.

For Publishers, From Publishers

Voltax Video was born out of Minute Media’s own need for video technology, making it the only OVP solution designed by a publisher specifically for digital publishers to scale their online video strategy. When ideating and creating this solution, publisher struggles were top of mind, leading to an intuitive, easy to use interface, a fast light-weight player, content management tools, customizable controls, and various other capabilities designed specifically for today’s publisher.

Unique Revenue Model

Being a publisher ourselves, we understand the burden high operational and licensing fees can cause on a business, which is why Minute Media offers its technology on a unique ‘share-as-you-grow’ revenue model. With this rev-share model Minute Media effectively eliminates the high upfront costs usually associated with video technology and instead focuses on building relationships with partners by fostering growth and scale.

Minute Media’s model is sustainable, as it is based on mutual success of both partners and itself, and by utilizing this ‘share-as-you-grow’ model, publishers can focus more money, resources and time into building their business.

Cutting Edge Technology and End-to-End Solution

Voltax Video uses the latest cutting-edge technology to create a unique and singular end-to-end solution for publishers. Covering everything from content, to monetization, to audience growth and scale, Voltax Video offers every solution a publisher needs under one roof. Additionally, Voltax Video features a fully operational VMS.

Through our built-in Smart Toolkit, inclusive of rich global library, dynamic monetization and engagement tools, publishers can create, distribute and monetize video content like never before. Our quick and lightweight player allows for full brand customization, creating a seamless integration onto publisher sites. Partners are enabled full control over what content is played and on what page through various playlist configurations (manual, dynamic, and contextual), and a rich content library expands publisher horizons by providing premium content across all genres. Finally, our intuitive content tools increase engagement and time spent on page through reformatting editorial into engaging video experiences.

With this technology, publishers can bring their video strategy to the next level.

Built-in Smart Toolkit

In order to be successful as a digital publisher, you need to be able to stay ahead of the curve and be capable of operating a seamless video strategy. As a publisher ourselves we know that this is easier said than done, which is why we created our intuitive Smart Toolkit. Voltax Video’s Smart Toolkit consists of automated, data-driven tools designed to increase user engagement, SEO and ad optimization. This is inclusive of our proprietary semantic recommendation engine which dynamically pairs contextually-relevant video content with articles based on advanced algorithms (to learn more click here). It also includes our innovative content tools which dynamically reformats existing editorial content into engaging video experiences by converting an RSS feed into a templated video file. To learn more about our Recirculation tool click here.

Access to Global Content

While top technology is essential for success, content is still king when it comes to growing an audience and a successful brand. Creating premium content is no easy feat, with mounting production costs, time and resources needed to get it right. With Voltax Video’s global content library, partners will never be stretched for content again. This rich library consists of over 50,000 videos from Minute Media’s owned and operated brands such as The Players’ Tribune (athlete-led content), Mental Floss (culture content, fun facts, and trivia), 90min (football content through the lens of a true fan), DBLTAP (gaming tips and esports analysis) and more!

In addition to our own content, partners also have access to our robust library of partner provided content, spanning across various genres including sports, lifestyle, culture, news, finance, health, weather, etc. from premium sources.

Upcoming Features

The publishing industry is constantly changing, and as a leader in the space, so are we. We are never complacent and are constantly adding new capabilities to our technology offering to continue to better our partner and user experience. In the pipeline are a brand new player, tools to increase control over content, and playlist configurations.

To learn more about Voltax Video and how it can better your business visit https://ovp.minutemedia.com/.